Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mark Carwardine's Ultimate Wildlife Experiences… by Mark Carwardine

Very pretty. Very brief.

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  1. Long time no speak...

    "Creationism & Intelligent Design versus Science and Reason in the UK"

    So saith the blog's subheading.

    a) What is "Intelligent Design" if not science?

    b) Following on, what is Creationism, if not science, i,e, how do you get coal seams 100s of feet thick via Uniformitarianism? Or an ice age, etc., etc.?

    c) Modern science was developed largely by Bible believers.Indeed, it was the knowledge that a God of order would create a universe of order that scientists were able to concoct their theories.

    d) This old chestnut that you have to be an atheist/humanist to be logical or have "reason" is now quite embarrassing. I have 'debated' with many evolutionists over the years and reasonable is what very few are - most are completely ignorant of science and just BELIEVE because it suits them to have nobody to answer to, spiritually. They will.