Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mark Carwardine's Ultimate Wildlife Experiences… by Mark Carwardine

Very pretty. Very brief.


  1. Long time no speak...

    "Creationism & Intelligent Design versus Science and Reason in the UK"

    So saith the blog's subheading.

    a) What is "Intelligent Design" if not science?

    b) Following on, what is Creationism, if not science, i,e, how do you get coal seams 100s of feet thick via Uniformitarianism? Or an ice age, etc., etc.?

    c) Modern science was developed largely by Bible believers.Indeed, it was the knowledge that a God of order would create a universe of order that scientists were able to concoct their theories.

    d) This old chestnut that you have to be an atheist/humanist to be logical or have "reason" is now quite embarrassing. I have 'debated' with many evolutionists over the years and reasonable is what very few are - most are completely ignorant of science and just BELIEVE because it suits them to have nobody to answer to, spiritually. They will.

  2. It's been a long time because I don't tend to waste time talking to conspiracy theory nutters who also happen to be homophobic bigots and who hurled abuse at me when I pointed out the features in the Archaeopteryx that they were denying the very existence of. I will keep this brief;

    a) it's creationism. You can write a whole book about creationism and simply by deleting the word creation and inserting the words intelligent design you apparently get a book about intelligent design. So its creationism.

    b) You need to read about what uniformitarianism if you think coal measure are a problem for modern geology. I recommend the open university.

    c) Yes indeed. However you seem unaware that most Christians think creationism and intelligent design is nuts. It's you who is in the tiny minority and trying to stoke up and arguments about christianity versus atheism. I'm not convinced you actually realise this, you are in a cult and being brainwashed after all.

    d) It's not an old chestnut, you are making it up. A good friend of mine is a c of e vicar and a geologist and he would criticise me for being too polite to you with these comments.

    Good bye.