Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Climate Change and the Politics of the USA


  1. Noam is well known for being an intellectual fraud. His fraud has been very well documented. You should be ashamed of associating with a known snake oil salesman. But then you know what they say. It isn't that you believe in nothing. It's that you'll believe anything.

  2. Do you ever make any comments that aren't just insults?

    Make your points - don't just say they are points and throw names around.

    I wonder why you spew so much bile rather than discuss thngs?

  3. What bile?

    Noam's intellectual fraud is very well documented.

    That's a fact.

    He's a linguist, and a radical ideologue.

    In his younger days Noam spent time as an apologist for the Khmer Rouge.

    Are you sure you want this guy on your team?

    Just giving you a heads up.

    You of all people I would think would be ashamed of an association with a well known and well documented intellectual fraud, no?

  4. There you go again.

    Point me at some "documentation" of this "fraud" please.

    A couple of questions for you if you don't mind;

    1) How old do you think the world is?
    2) Do you accept the evidence for human caused global warming?


    PS are you going to address the other comment here where you casually insult and laugh at me and tell me I can't possibly know right from wrong?

    PPS has no one else pointed out to you how insulting you are?

    PPPS Any idea just how ironic that PS actually is when you look at your own behaviour towards me?

  5. BTW - which bits of what he says in this video do you think are wrong or fraudulent?

  6. The generally accepted estimates of the age of the known universe appear to me to be accurate.

    What empirical evidence in support of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is it that you speak of?

    Chimpsky's top 200


    PS Funny how the irony of your lack of a rational foundation for believing in the very existence of right and wrong is lost on you.

    We're well and truly done.

    Goodbye and goodluck

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  8. Well you ignore most of the questions I ask you, dodging the AGW one in a revealing way though to be fair.

    Then you keep ignoring my foundation and explanation for my morales without bothering to address them or critique them.

    The you once again repeat that you won't talk to me anymore.

    Good luck to you Cam.

  9. BTW thanks for the link to the Chomsky stuff. I knew him as a Marxist who has said some very silly things from time to time . That is a list of them. Great stuff.

    Not sure what you have against the comments in the video though.

    Oh I forgot, you aren't talking to me anymore are you.

  10. A person grows tired of constantly being accused of anger and bile. Never watched the vid. Don't much care what a known intellectual fraud like Chimpsky has to say about "global warming" or anything else for that matter. Have dodged nothing, there is nothing to dodge. Thanx and too da loo.