Sunday, 26 December 2010

Last Chance to See by Mark Carwardine

I read this just as I finished watching the TV series.  So it is my own fault that my only complaint is that it doesn't add a great deal to the series.

Having said this it is a perfectly adequate stand alone book with plenty of fascinating material and unexpected twists e.g. being raped by a parrot or being moved to tears by Chimps.

In fact what do I mean, "perfectly adequate"?  It was in fact enjoyable and stimulating.  The stimulation was both positive and negative; giving you hope for the future, and in my case hope about the kind of world my kids will raise kids in, and also giving you a  glimpse of how big a mess we have made of things so far.

I imagine the celebrity involvement, the beautiful pictures and the adventure travel theme are all good reasons that this will perhaps be a good book to give someone who doesn't appreciate what we have on this planet in the hopes that it might just make them think.

And that is probably as good a compliment as I pay any book.

4 out of 5 stars.

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