Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Counter-Creationism Handbook by Mark Isaak

This is a book version of the index of creationist claims on .

So you don't really need it.

The claims themselves change very little over the years.  Creationists don't do science so they only update their claims once in a blue moon.  Claims labelled by them as "new" are usually just old ones re labelled - like irreducible complexity - the new Paley etc.

The science that debunks their claims is being updated constantly and grows more comprehensive with each passing year.  So perhaps the web version is your best bet.  But if, like me, you like to hold a book in your hands and scribble notes in the margins then why not.

Answers to claims are organised by subject for easy reference and give a response suitable for the layman with references to further reading if you want to delve deeper.

Very well done but only of interest if you find creationists fascinating (like me).

I hope this continues to be true - they day when biology teachers need a copy of this book (I live in the UK) will be a dark one.

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