Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Brief History of Science

A beautiful book.

A romp through science and history.

I particularly liked the experiment to demonstrate the wave nature of light using just your fingers.

My copy is ten years old and doesn't this just demonstrate how far we have come i.e. the internet, dark matter and dark energy for starters.

Occasional strange graphics for the pedant to spot e.g. a model of mars being squeezed and a diagram labelled as a bar code which consists of a bar with stripes on !

Overall very good fun.

Three and a half stars out of five.


  1. I've had this book recommended to me and will definitely go and blag a copy. I really enjoyed reading Bill Bryson's history of just about everything - science for the masses, although a little too light and does not answer some of the deeper questions. But a good starting point, methinketh.

    I am a creationist myself but I enjoy reading for myself so that I can weigh up various theories and make up my own mind on scientific discoveries and postulations. I've been doing so for about 15 years and I think science has a lot to teach creationists who should explore things for themselves.

    But I have found nothing, not even 'Unweaving the Rainbow' that has shaken my conviction in God and his role as prime mover / creator / intelligent designer.

    Maybe there is much to be said for a rational, scientific marriage of faith and fact.

  2. Hi Mermaid,

    Well I suppose that if you have decided that your god just started everything off and then left things to natural laws (which, presumably, he or she, set up) then you will find little to conflict with that at all.

    In that case then of course a "rational" marriage can be achieved by keeping the bridge and groom in separate rooms so to speak.

    I am not able to do that myself. But hey - whatever lets you get by.

    - - -

    Depending on when you decide things started.

    Recent research on what happened before the big bang might make you push your "prime move" back a stage.

    - - -

    Then again an unfalsifiable idea is unlikely to be falsified by definition I suppose.

    - - -

    My friend Cliff from the states accepts scientific thinking and evidence re the age of the universe/earth evolution etc. but goes further than a belief in a prime mover alone as he is a Christian.

    So far I have yet to be given his reasons / evidence for picking out that particular god as his prime mover.