Monday, 6 October 2008

Ever since Darwin: Reflections in Natural History by S J Gould

Gould's first book. A collection of his articles. A cracking good read.

This kind of work is Gould's forte.

A real grab bag mix of subject matter but all told with the same idiosyncratic writing style of a writer born and not made.

Personal claim to fame - the elk skeleton discussed in chapter three is now in a museum not far from me (in Leeds) and has recently been re mounted and put back on display.

Gould picks his subjects seemingly at random, perhaps responding to the misconceptions and false claims of others but in every case uses his careful and reasoned approach to work out a persuasive lesson to be learned.

A must buy.

Now I have read this I can better understand the fuss about Gould's work and his dedicated fans.

Four out of five stars.


  1. Darwin plagiarizes to Pierre Tremaux?

    I leave you the link to scientific paper that it affirms that to the idea of allopatric speciation borrow of a book of Pierre Tremaux.

    Trémaux on species: A theory of allopatric speciation (and punctuated equilibrium) before Wagner

    Tremaux's Book: Origine et transformations de l’homme et des autres ĂȘtres, 1865″

  2. Perhaps you are suggesting that Darwin also invented a time machine?

    The book you are accusing him of plagiarising seems to be published six years AFTER the origin of species was published?

    - - -

    An attempt to besmirch Darwin's good name, made by someone who can't add up?

    Do I smell creationism?

    Or am I just adding up two and two and getting errr minus six?