Thursday, 31 July 2008

This guy almost makes me want to read more Philosophy

Hello Sye - you do need to respond, surely, to the two points I made in Sye's argument and Sye's proof, just below.

These are two key criticisms. You did say that your website offered a "proof" of God's existence (a "proof" in the sense of establishing as true that God does indeed exist), but unless you can deal with these two points, surely you cannot in good conscience continue to maintain that.

Of course, you can acknowledge this, yet still believe in God, and still suppose your belief is rationally founded, and indeed try to come up with a new, improved proof. So it's not the end of the world so far as your Christian belief system is concerned.

My feeling is you are now know aware that, actually, your claim that your website offers a "proof" is not, or is probably not, true.

While I know you want to save people's souls by converting them to Christianity, surely you don't want to turn them into believers using what you now know to be a bogus proof? Surely that's not what God would want either, is it? People "saved" by a bit of dodgy logic?

So, given your heart is in the right place, I am guessing you will now acknowledge this, and we can move on to discuss other issues, such as how your original argument might be fixed up...

Of course, you'll have to redo your website, which is a bummer. But still, you'd rather be right, wouldn't you? Remember your own motto: "He who hates correction is stupid"!

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