Saturday, 19 April 2008

If this raises a smile then you know far too much . . .

From here.


  1. loved it! i wonder how accurate those animals are depicted. 'twould be interesting to know...

  2. Hi Markii,

    Well we kind of do know;
    good book

    We are at last reasonably comfortable with the various bits, although we can't be certain they were stuck together like this exactly.

    - - -

    PS royal use of word "we" to mean current scientific thinking.

  3. Yes. I do know too much. I wonder which random mutation triggered the automatic development of complex genetic coding that produces the 3D phenotypical structures like bones or cartilage? Then I wonder which random mutation is "selected", at the same time, to generate the complex genetic coding that creates the vascular and nervous systems that support this skeletal structure and keeps it from dying or being reabsorbed in the first chordate? Reasonably comfortable? Give me a break. Evolution is the drivel that gives us the philosophical confidence to be scientifically ignorant while posting "hopeful" comments like the ones above. Let stick with the facts. Current scientific thinking is held captive by philosophical moreys that preclude any course of investigation that might question the "molecules to man" approach. This isn't science, it's religion dressed up as an anti-religious argument.

    -Ecir Nodnarb

  4. Hi Brandon Rice (I Guess anyway),

    . . . and how old do you think the world is?



  5. Woa, relax man it's just a comic! Of course it takes an extremely long time for everything to evolve through...still a cute comic. <3