Friday, 28 March 2008

Scary Scientology

Within minutes, a paunchy middle-age Latino man with a pencil-thin mustache, wearing khakis and a white golf shirt, emerges from the adjoining parking lot. He walks silently to a spot a few feet away from us, points a digital camera, and begins snapping our picture. I say hello. He says nothing. I ask him if he's a member of the Church. He stares, grim-faced, at the camera's LCD

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  3. This is what anonymous said (with the link to the Scientology page removed);

    If a bunch of freaks in masks kept harassing your business, wouldn't you walk out and try to take their pictures too? At the VERY least?

    For some reason these sociopathic lunatics think they're perfectly justified in doing anything they want in the name of opposing Scientology, and then act all surprised when Scientologists don't take it lying down.

    1 - they aren't freaks
    2 - they were not wearing masks - read the actual text I quoted again
    3 - Scientology is a cult not a business although to be fair it does make loads of money off of the backs of its victims
    4 - IMPLICATIONS that I would lower myself to your levels and take pictures at the VERY least go quite some way to explaining why peaceful protesters feel the need to cover their faces
    5 - Scientology breaks up families, costs its converts thousands of dollars and is a made up fairy tale of alien warfare. It tells dangerous lies about the medical profession. You have not addressed any of the charges made against scientology at all but just call anyone who disagrees with you nasty names.

    You are more eloquent than you realise.