Monday, 24 March 2008

Blog against Theocracy

A couple of serious bits for this recently far too frivolous blog.

Embryo Bill

Vote for it. The arguments against it are based on a logical fallacy mixed with an unsupported assertion.

Logical fallacy; slippery slope - i.e. if we do this now then we will end up growing man-pigs etc.
Unsupported assertion; A blob of cells 14 days old is a human being with all the rights a full grown human has. This is not even supported by the bible - even though it is those of certain faiths who seem to be claiming this.
Argument for it; it may lead to cures for lots of nasty diseases.
Religion versus science? Yes. Religion trying to control science? Yes

Faith Schools

A motion at a teachers union conference to ban faith schools was discussed on the radio this morning. I support the motion for the following reasons;

Faith schools select against the poorer and needier in their communities - they don't do this on purpose - they simply want better SATS and exam results - but that is the end result. They have this right of elf selection to make sure on people of the right faith can get in.

Faith schools lead to segregation in society.

I think all kids should learn about a wide range of religious faiths, and atheism.

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