Saturday, 22 December 2007

A voice of authority

This really is too easy;

"Dear Psi,

From my position here on my favourite "observe the poor buggers" cloud in the lower reaches of my heavenly abode I can see the silly goings on of Mr Dinosaurs Anderson and I just wanted to write and thank you for keeping everyone informed.

From my position of ultimate authority I can very easily provide you with all sorts of quotes which you can pass on to let everyone know, absolutely for sure and with complete and total authority that he is a twit. To be quite honest I do sometimes wonder why I created him in the first place.

His recent attempts at anonymous arguments from authority are just as pathetic as his refusal to come clean about his own beliefs and his total inability to debate any of the actual science or educational issues he purports to support. (I'm a poet and I don't know it - although I am supposed to be omnipotent - bugger)

I understand he is off to the third world where things like the national curriculum and OFSTED are non-existent so he can preach his bronze age version of science to people well away from the prying eyes of the public. Of course I can see everything that goes on, so I will keep you posted.

I may have to dust own the old Van De Graff and give him a bit of hint with a bolt from the blue if he carries on like this.

Anyway, keep up the good work, I'm off to turn up the burners downstairs for a bit - always cheers me up.

All the best,


I have of course disguised my correspondents name as we wouldn't want Anderson actually being able to counter this anonymous argument from authority in any way, would we?

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