Thursday, 6 December 2007


Yesterday, Today

88.9 kg, 88.9 kg
30mins, 30 mins
6, 6
11.14 km, 11.30km
Summer of '06 I was doing 45 mins 18-20km regularly - this time the plan is to get to 12km in 30 min and then gradually up the time.

My new job includes a gym subscription and I intend on doing some swimming a couple of times a week at least.

- - -

This one is for Tom.

Heard the one about the biologists and the statisticians?;

Four biologists heading for a conference sat on a train behind four statisticians heading for the same conference. One biologist noticed that the statisticians had only one ticket among them and asked what they intended to do. “Watch,” was the single word answer.

When it came time to collect the tickets the statisticians all crowded into the bathroom. When the ticket collector came around he knocked on the bathroom door, the statisticians slipped their one ticket under the door, the ticket collector punched their ticket and then moved on. When he left the car the statisticians came out of the bathroom and took their seats, winking over at the biologists.

Several days later, returning from the conference, the same four biologists found themselves sitting in the same car with the same four statisticians. One biologist held up their single ticket, with a smile and a nod over at the statisticians. But as he did so he noticed that the statisticians did not have any tickets. Again he inquired, and again, “Watch,” was the single word answer.

When the ticket collector came around the four biologists quickly crowded into the bathroom, each with a self-satisfied smirk. The statisticians then went to the bathroom door and knocked. The biologists dutifully passed their ticket under the door, which the statisticians took and then went into the next car and crowded into the bathroom, waiting for the ticket collector.

Moral of the story - Do not try to use statistical methods you do not understand.

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  1. Good advice!

    70% of statistics can't be trusted anyway. ;-)