Saturday, 8 December 2007

Scarborough Fair - from memory at last!

I have been trying to play this without staring at the tab for years;

A long way from perfect, but a great sense of achievement for me.


  1. Great playing, Psi!

    I play guitar a bit, too. I'm horrible at just jamming, but have taken the time to learn a few technical Richard Thompson tunes and made up some of my own arrangements of jazz tunes. (I studied music composition for a year at the San Francisco Conservatory before realizing that at the rate I compose, I'd starve!)

  2. Hi Tom,

    You sound far more advanced than me then!

    Check out this page which will probably prove this.

    My own playing is very much for my own pleasure, I have no immediate album plans at the moment.

    Check out George Hrab on iTunes with "think for yourself".