Friday, 7 December 2007

Lets Play "Creationist Multiple Choice"

These are all actual examples from a recent correspondence with a local YEC.

They have refused my request to post our correspondence on this blog even though they said it may be of some benefit.

So instead here is a harmless bit of word game fun - Creationist Multiple Choice;

1. One of the most XXXX areas is the fossil record – I’ve now read countless papers relating to this. Many state that there are 100s or even 1000s of transitional forms – others state there are XXXX.

a) Complex, a few.
b) Interesting, many.
c) Disputed, none.
d) Pertinent, more.

2. There is no XXXX of macro-evolution and in fact there is a large reward to collect if you can XXXX it beyond any doubt.

a) Proof, prove.
b) Evidence, show.
c) Fragrance, smell.
d) God, believe.

3. XXXX scientists correctly state there are no XXXX examples of major morphological change in the fossil record.

a) Creationist, holy.
b) Most, concrete.
c) Silly, funny.
d) Clever, tricky.

4. . . . the London Museum of Natural History – a XXXX of XXXX XXXX

a) Museum of some note.
b) Building of historic interest.
c) Treasure-trove of amazing things.
d) Bastion of Darwinian Dogma.

5. The XXXX is that these are theories or hypotheses and are a long way from XXXX – merely interpretation based on a set of XXXX.

a) Point, science, holy writings.
b) Key, sanity, myths.
c) Issue, reality, stories.
d) Reality, facts, presuppositions

Answers on a postcard please to;

The Fairies at the bottom of the garden,
Un-reality House,
Fantasy Street,
Cloud Nine.

The prize is a tee shirt like my new one;

(but you have to buy it yourself)

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