Sunday, 16 December 2007

I feel like Frankenstein

My wife has a program which only runs in windoze which she uses to create some work books used in her maths lessons.

Our old PC is about to be buried in soft peat for three months and then recycled as fire-lighters (and as an external HDD for my iMac).

So anyway, I went and did it.

I installed Boot Camp and put Windoze XP on my iMac.

The hard part was turning "XP installed on the PC" with no install disc into an actual usable XP install disk.

This took a good couple of hours of looking for methods on the web and then putting it together.

Installing Boot Camp took five minutes and was easy.

Installing Windows took just under an hour.

It made me feel a bit dirty.

The internet connection is slower than the OS X connection (identical hardware remember) in fact the poor thing is permanently "attempting to obtain IP address" the display is a little jerky and very ugly to my Leopard tuned eyes.

Then it took me another hour and a half working through the windoze updates and installing a virus guard program and installing the various plug ins for the browser etc.

Then I spent half an hour trying to print to the printer attached to the MacMini downstairs.

Then I spotted that Boot Camp had given me "Bonjour" and 30 seconds later we were away.

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