Thursday, 29 November 2007

Turkey suffers huge economic blow

I just read about the Turkish publisher of Dawkins book "The God Delusion" being under investigation for blasphemy and so said to my wife;

"We are never going to Turkey on holiday."

She said; "I know, women are second class citizens there."

I said; "Well actually its because of this Dawkins thing . . ." and then my brain caught up with my mouth.



  1. Responding to your visit on Tom's blog where prophecy came up. This site looks pretty exhaustive on the subject of the ancient prophecies about him. I don't know if Genesis was in there.

  2. What was the movie about Turkish prisons? Midnight Express.

    Don't go, man. Some of those Mid-East theists are REALLY serious about the superiority of their version of God.

    Maybe their system of justice has improved, but back in the '60s their prisons were, well, hell.

  3. Thanks for the travel advice 7K.

    The reality is that my holiday destination is fixed for the foreseeable future anyway.

    See this post.