Friday, 30 November 2007

Brace Yourselves

Well I have gone and done it. I handed in my notice today i.e. I resigned from my current job and was duly asked to hand in all my kit and I was then sent on a month's "gardening leave".

I should start my new job the first week in January so this gives me 4 and a bit weeks left to my own devices and no, I don't do gardening.

All this means that those of you whose lives are so empty as to actually fill it a little by reading this apology for a blog are going to get a temporary but significant increase in posts through until the end of the year.

For the record, and so you can all rub my nose in it later, here is my to do list for the month;
  • Daily exercise (please note that daily does not mean every single day) - building up to 45 mins a time on our cross trainer. Objective - feel better - and maybe lose a little weight.
  • Learn two or three new pieces on the guitar ( 20-30 mins per day practice ) - note to self - try not to spend the whole month deciding which pieces to learn - just get on with it man.
  • Actually knuckle down and start to learn the piano.
  • Paint hallway and lounge.
  • Solve the impossible - without the use of supernatural powers get the curtain hooks to stay on the bloody wall where I put them. ( this is probably the most difficult task I have set myself - I seriously think that one month is not long enough for this one )
  • Lunch with a few mates from my old job. ( I am confident of performing this one well - see first objective above )
  • Give blood - sort out platelet donations.
  • Dogs to vets.
  • Play some wargames.
  • Blog most days.
  • Read a lot - I am hoping to sell some wargaming figures tomorrow, and assuming I do and also assuming that I avoid the lure of the iPhone, I will be buying my wife a pressie with the proceeds and then blowing the rest on books.
  • Learn a couple of tricks to amaze my daughter and nieces with at Xmas.

So brace yourselves people.

- - -

Oh yeah - spend time with the wife and kids, blah de blah. . .


  1. What's the new job, or did I miss a post?

  2. Nah, I don't like to talk about it.

    - - -


    That's with a B.

    - - -

    No science in sight ;-(

  3. I'm at the NIPS conference this week. It's a milieu of robotics folks, statisticians, neuroscientists, and people involved with machine learning. I shared the taxi from the airport with a guy who does financial engineering -- machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, stats, etc. directed at market and financial data analysis. Seems like an interesting coupling of science and finance. Any hope of you applying your critical eye to such a field so that you could feel happier about talking about it?

  4. Hi Tom,

    I should not complain really - my job pays very well - and I get to meet a lot of interesting people.

    I half plan/think/dream of retiring early - when he kids have left home and doing some science exams then.

    In the meantime I am free to ask questions all over the place anyway.

    The conference certainly sounds interesting.