Tuesday, 2 October 2007

An ode to Apple

This week I have been mostly beggaring about with my Macs.

Quicksilver is truly wonderful. I now actually do feel slightly disappointed in myself if I actually do use the mouse/pad.

Yes. I have thought about it, and yes I do mean that.

It takes a little while to fiddle about with Quicksilver and then you begin to realise not just what it can do but what you can do with it.

Look at it this way.

You buy a guitar. It takes a bit of fiddling about to tune it and to learn how to sit, how to hold it. What to press and how to pluck a string.

That is a good analogy to Quicksilver.

The thing is that when you have achieved this much with Quicksilver, it then takes over.

It is as if the guitar somehow reads your mind and plays the tune you are thinking of.


A couple of highlights;

  • I don't even need favourite bookmark buttons on Safari anymore. :-)
  • I have a plain text to do list which I can conjure up out of thin air with a gesture.
  • I can copy as many items as I want and then bring up the clipboard history and paste in items with the touch of a number key.
  • I even have a shelf which I can waft out of its hiding place somewhere to the left of my screen effortlessly.
Then I found GeekTool and so I now have my to do list displayed on my desk top together with this months calendar.

I have a small claim to make - I can't find this hint anywhere else - I placed the to do list on my iDisk which means that both my MacBook and my iMac have the same to do list, which means it kind of auto syncs.

Combine this with text-expander carefully crafted to input my own blog url, mail addresses and various sundry short phrases at the click of a couple of keys, and I feel like I am thinking into the computer and not wrestling with it.

Isn't it lovely when things just work.

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