Thursday, 25 October 2007

I get mail from the Prime Minister - well kind of

From here;
"Although the average consumer would arguably not be misled by a person who claims he is able to contact the dead, such conduct would still be unfair under the CPRs if it deceives the average member of (i) the group to which it is directed, or (ii) a clearly identifiable group of consumers who are particularly vulnerable to this type of practice.

Unlike the Act, there is no requirement in the CPRs to prove an "intent to deceive". This means that where practices are aimed at vulnerable consumers or average members of particular groups, it should be easier to take action against fraudulent mediums than under the Act."
A few thoughts.

This seems like a step forward.

Any suggestions for groups that are "particularly vulnerable to this type of practice"?

Perhaps I ought to go to the local spiritual church to see what goes on after all.

Doesn't mainstream Christianity claim contact with Jesus through prayer?

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