Thursday, 20 September 2007

This is why scepticism and rationality are important

I have sometimes been asked why I bother with some of the irrational rubbish round and about. What harm can it do?, people ask.

Charities donate £450,000 to fight UK "witchcraft" abuse

A report this morning on the BBC has revealed that the City Parochial Foundation and the Trust for London have donated £450,000 towards helping children who are accused of witchcraft and then abused by their parents or guardians during violent exorcisms. Last year, a government-funded report identified 38 such cases of abuse. The practice has followed some migrant communities to the UK, with cases being identified in different racial and religious groups. Often these practices are the result of a mixture of traditional beliefs and extreme revivalist Christianity.

The money is being given to Africans Unite against Child Abuse, the UK Congolese Safeguarding Action Group, The Churches Child Protection Advisory Service and The Victoria Climbie Foundation, and will help pay for more education, training and research.
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