Wednesday, 5 September 2007

English manners?

Together with my wife, eldest son and his girlfriend I attended the Grimsby Town vs Huddersfield Town match last night (football) (for US readers - proper football).

A few reflections on the reserved and polite English;

I was right in the middle of the Grimsby fans (it where I am from) who had attended in their thousand. As the Huddersfield players came on to the pitch one of them ran over to our side to put a bottle of pop on the touchline. The bottle kept falling over.

A loud voice ranges out of the stand;

"Bloody 'ell. I hope you can shoot straighter than that lad.", much derisive laughter.

With ten minutes to go and the score at a surprising 4 -1 to Grimsby some Huddersfield Town fans started packing up their rather large flag;

"Are you going to give it a decent burial?"

As some Huddersfield fans start to leave before the final whistle, almost the whole crowd stands and waves enthusiastically;

"Thanks for coming!"

"Can we play you every week?"

"Bye, Bye."

- - -

Previously I have heard the following songs;

"We p*ss on your fish, we p*ss on your fish, etc etc.", Grimsby is a busy fishing port.

During last summers drought when many visiting teams had hosepipe bans in their areas;

"Where's your water gone, where's your water gone etc etc"

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