Friday, 27 July 2007

New Pants, New Fire (Pants on fire part 4)

More fibs from my least favourite local fundamentalist.

Anderson starts off dishonestly enough;
"The individual in question e-mailed me privately some months ago, posing as an observer wanting a conversation about Christianity, evolution and a whole manner of other topics; but when the conversation didn't go as he was hoping, he then revealed that he was a BCSE member, and would, without permission, be posting from my e-mails in public - and did so, rather dishonestly representing them as if they were the answer to the question "what would David like to see taught in state school science lessons?"
First of all I wasn't posing, I had some genuine questions and Anderson's initial posts seemed to indicate he was also honest and logical even if he had a different view to mine. I am pretty curious by nature, I like to learn and so I engaged him in an email correspondence. It was his responses, and nothing else, which lead me to put up the BCSE Revealed Revealed blog. By "the conversation not going as I was hoping" I would say that I was apprehensive that Anderson's warped sense of reality was inherently dangerous and misleading and that he did not care about the truth but was instead serving a "higher purpose". I care about my kids education and it was clear that Anderson was determined to sabotage it.

Secondly I joined the BCSE after and because of my correspondence with Anderson. It was this that convinced me that the old addage , a favourite of my grandad, that "for evil to succeed it requires only that good men do nothing" meant that I should at least try to tell people about his extremist views.

Next, for the record, this was my question to Anderson;
"Which sciences are suitable for general classroom teaching without a teacher referencing your religious views? Subjects if that’s possible please - chemistry? Biology? Geology? Astronomy? etc."
This is what he presented as his answer;
"All of life is religious. As such, I believe that the idea of non-religious education is impossible. The only question is *which* religion - the secular one, the Muslim one, the Christian one, or another. You shouldn't infer from that that I want to take over any state schools - I don't!"

This does reveal something else about Anderson, you see , that question and answer are printed in full on the very page he is criticising and yet he has apparently blanked this from his mind. You can see why he doesn't link back to my page - his readers might spot this after all.

Dishonest? Yes. Does he even know what he is doing? I honestly don't know. He is so in thrall to his fundamentalist beliefs he is no longer operating on a level with anyone else I have ever corresponded with. I think that he needs some help. I genuinely worry about people around him and the way he must be treating and influencing them. All I did was disagree with him and I was threatened with eternal fire and damnation, he called for me to bow down before his god and save myself while I still could. This is scary behaviour - and he doesn't even realise this.

He goes on like this;
"The page is a bit puzzling from two points of view. From one, it doesn't actually contain any revelations - beyond the fact that I'm a Christian who thinks that other people should become Christians too. Well, blow me down! If this would-be reported had bothered to examine the very first post on this blog and my Blogger profile, or the church website which distributes my sermons, leaflets, etc., he could have been spared the effort needed to make this sensational expose or the bizarre conclusion that I'm trying to hide my beliefs and am therefore a "hypocrite". Even readers of "BCSE Revealed" alone will find plenty of explicitly Christian material (e.g. here)."
Well my point is that I think that he is a pretty extreme fundamentalist Christian, one that most moderate christian people I know would not in fact call a christian at all, instead they would raise their eyebrows and sigh (even the pope thinks that his views are "absurd"). He thinks the earth is just 6,000 years old. He thinks dinosaurs were around in historical times. He still hasnt come out and said this anywhere on his blog or the various links he gives that I can spot, so perhaps some small part of him does still know that this is daft and it would show many readers of his smear blog that he is in fact daft.

More from the pifflemeister;
"The second point is that the page then forwards the argument that as a Christian, my beliefs make my opinions on science and/or education invalid. Now, I know that the blogger, and the majority of the BCSE do believe that the point of science is to completely replace religion."
The key difference between my self and Anderson here is that I don't want religion taught in science class, he can't say that.

His opinions on science are invalid because they go against all the evidence. His opinions on education are extreme.

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