Sunday, 1 July 2007

Is it just me?

This was my first ever blog post from October last year;

Is it just me?

This is my first ever attempt at a web page let alone a blog so I’m really not sure what to expect from this - or how much effort it is going to take.

Current things on my mind include getting my books on to the wonderful thing that is LibraryThing.

I think that this can be the first link on my main page. The site is such a simple idea with hidden depths. My wife thinks I am addicted. Actually so do I.

LibraryThing has peaked my interest in various issues relating to the state of the world and the influence of religion.

While I type the radio has covered a story of a woman suing her employer because she has to wear her crucifix under her clothes and not on view. She says this is not fair and that other religions (she later mentions Islam) have had more allowances made for them.

Earlier today I heard a similar tale of a teaching assistant sacked for refusing to remove her veil while in the classroom with the children unless no male teachers are present.

Three of the July 7th bombers came from normal everyday homes within a few miles of where I currently sit. They had strong religious views which led them to kill 50 odd people not too long ago.

Yesterday the chief of staff of the British Army was in the headlines because he had commented that he wanted the troops out of Iraq soon and he thought their presence was making things worse. I was more worried by his comment that British culture and the British army was built on an inheritance of Judaeo-Christian values and that is was time to take a stand.

Not a lot of “love thy neighbour” there then.

I have put “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins on my Amazon wish list.


All my books are now on LibraryThing - and I have started posting reviews as a quite enjoyable hobbyette and I also occasionally dive into the discussion groups there.

I wonder where the latest crop of terrorists are from? There is plenty of speculation that their incompetence means they are home grown again. The Glasgow Airport attack was timed to coincide with the schools being out - apparently a genuine effort to burn as many children to death as possible.

Recent news stories included Christians claiming that their religion entitled them to wear rings (chastity rings) despite any trivial and meddling school rules. What about jedi wanting to take light-sabers into class?

Also recent news;
An evangelical Christian sect that considers television and computers evil is in talks with the Government about sponsoring a city academy, it became clear last night.
They don't agree with sex education either. Souls above lives again.

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