Monday, 11 June 2007

They don't just spout rubbish like ID they spout hatred as well

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Chuck Colson, 75, spoke at a conference that precedes the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, which begins here Tuesday.

At one point, Colson said "Islam is a vicious, evil ... " and then before finishing the sentence, said, "Islamo-fascism is evil incarnate."

"Islamists," Colson said, "are very different. We will die for what we believe. They will kill for what they believe."

"The problem isn't terrorism," Colson said. "The problem is an ideology that is mixed with fascism ... We are in a long war, a long struggle."

Comments about Islam have generated controversy at past Southern Baptist meetings. In 2002, a former Southern Baptist Convention president, the Rev. Jerry Vines, called Muhammad, the Muslim prophet, a "demon-possessed pedophile."

And they don't like me either;

The second threat, Colson said, was evident in the popularity of several best-selling books espousing atheism by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and others.

"This is a virulent strain of atheism which seeks to destroy our belief system," Colson said.

Colson also dismissed a burgeoning movement known as "the emergent church" — popular among younger Baptists and other evangelicals — as "abandoning the search for truth" in favor of "conversations in coffee shops." He instead pointed to the success of booming Third World Churches, which Colson said adhere to "pure orthodox truth."
Colson, White House counsel for President Nixon, pleaded no contest to obstruction of justice in the Watergate scandal. He started Prison Fellowship in 1976.
Southern Baptists form the nation's largest Protestant denomination, with 16.3 million members.


  1. Wasn't this Colson guy the chief architect of Watergate. Nice to see he's still an asshole.

  2. Your argument is incomplete. You have demonstrated that Colson has strong opinions about some things: can you demonstrate that this is "hatred", or "spouting hatred"?

    Can I ask your opinion on Islam and Islamists? Do you hold them in high regard? If so, for what reasons?

  3. Hi Paul,

    Good questions, thanks.

    Here is what my dictionary says for hatred;

    "hatred |ˈhātrid| noun intense dislike or ill will"

    So yes I think he is demostrating this in his quoted comments.

    Don't you think this describes what he is saying?

    How would you describe his comments?

    - - -

    No I don't hate people simply becasue of their religions or beliefs.

    I think that islamists are wrong - like all religious folk.

    I believe in democracy and freedom of thought and speech. (and cartoon drawing, and putting on operas)

    I believe that children should be taught about lots of different religions, rather than threatened with hell or the punishment of the grave unless they believe in one particular religion.

    I think that a child's right to grow up without religious indoctrination outweighs the parents rights to indoctrinate them, but I can't think of a way to achieve this in the real world.;-(

    I think that the best civilized solution to this conflict between parents and children's right is the current one here in the UK i.e. compulsory religious education which covers a range of faiths.

    So I would support both the Islamist's right and your right to hold your respective religious views and perform your respective rituals etc.

    Where I draw a line is when religion impacts on the freedom's, rights and wellbeing of others.

    I don't accept that there is any justification for blasphemy laws. What do you think?

    I don't think it is right to discriminate against women. What do you think?

    I don't think it is right to discriminate against gay people. What do you think.

    I support stem cell research. What do you think?

    If I where giving such a public speech I would argue for rationalism and critical thinking to try to resolve such disputes as tend to arise between the religious.

    I don't form a view on someone based purely upon if and which religion they hold. I respect my neighbours and colleagues some of whom are muslim.

    I have judged Colson based upon what he said. I wouldn't just judge him by the label he chose or which was applied to him.

    I think that judging people based upon just one such label is prejudiced. It would be the same as saying that atheists have no basis for their morals and basing this purely on the fact that they were atheist whilst knowing nothing else about them.