Saturday, 9 June 2007

Teaching assistant quit in protest at Harry Potter

Yet more silliness from here.

A Pentecostal teaching assistant who quit her job at a foundation primary school after she was disciplined for refusing to hear a child read a Harry Potter book is seeking compensation for religious discrimination. She claimed that the book glorified witchcraft.

Sariya Allen, whose case is expected to end today at the south London employment tribunal in Croydon, claims Durand primary school in Stockwell discriminated against her as a born-again Christian and put her at a disadvantage compared with teaching assistants who were not of her faith. After three years in the job, she quit in July and is now jobless.

JK Rowling's best-selling Harry Potter series has been widely criticised by evangelical Christian groups as glorifying witchcraft, contrary to the Bible's teachings.

Well there are plenty more things in the bible she probably doesn't agree with, like slavery for example, but hang on a mo - doesn't the bible say that slavery is wrong and that it is right? Wow a good clear moral standard for us all to follow.

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