Sunday, 24 June 2007

Pod cast Anniversaries

This week saw a couple of anniversaries of some note;

BritishMac celebrated 50 episodes.

The fiftieth episode starts with a tremendous speech set to Zadoc the Priest and is a priceless bit of pod casting. Download it and listen to the first five minutes - this is truly wonderfully daft stuff.

The host Will has at least as much fun as his listeners each week(ish) and this really makes the pod cast fly. If you were to rate him based on professional presentation skills he would not rank highly but for infectious enthusiasm and entertainment he does very well indeed and seems to be a thoroughly nice bloke.

Well done Will and keep it up.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe celebrated 100 episodes this week

Dr Steve Novella leads the "skeptical rogues" through a discussion about various scientific and pseudo-scientific news items each week. Occasional guests from both sides of the line which divides science from woo-woo spice up things nicely, the joking and banter make the show very easy to listen to while Steve's voluminous and encyclopaedic knowledge means you nearly always hear something new. You can really get to know each of the rogues with their own particular take on the world and often their internal battles can be the most entertaining part of the show.

There is no other show remotely like this. They deserve a TV series.

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