Sunday, 17 June 2007

A New Petite Blond

Last week I became the proud owner of a MacBook.
Small, blond, beautiful, intelligent . . .

The upgraded speed and RAM make this zippier than my iMac which does also have 1Gig of Ram but only Core Duo and not Core Duo 2 chips.

I have spent the past week getting to know her and arranging things just as I like them. (my wife calls it phaphing about)

I now get on well with the track pad - and I have discovered lots of keyboard shortcuts that work on the iMac as well. Hold down shift when you use Genie effect or Expose!

I have also discovered Google Reader. Excellent.
  • Allows the shared items feed listed on the right hand side of this blog. (The recent new and views of interest bit)
  • Reduces my bookmarks bar down to MacBook widths.
  • Keeps my RSS counts in line from Imac to MacBook - because they are kept on the web.
  • Discovered Mac theme for Google Reader - pretty.
  • Reader Notifier works very well - and works with Growl.
  • Subscribe bookmark a welcome addition.
Dotmac synching works well - apart from Safari bookmarks RSS feed counts - but now I have discovered Reader I would not go back to Safari RSS reading anyway.

I have installed the Safari3 beta on one of the family PC's - just out of curiosity - must have been 50 mouse clicks and 15 minutes work - phew - windoze.

I haven't installed it on the Macs yet - will wait for it to mature a bit I think.

Yes it is fathers day. Yes that is why I am sat in bed typing this on the MacBook, having received four items from my amazon books wishlist and eagerly expecting the first cup of tea of the day.

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