Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Changing Times

He he he
Catholic Church Reconsiders Limbo
The Catholic Church has ruled that, contrary to previous church doctrine, unbaptized children do not spend time in limbo until the End of Days. Here are other doctrine decisions the church has made recently.

  • Lifted ban on having sex with the lights on and your eyes open
  • Swiffer® officially validated as a miracle
  • Accepted the Freemasons' softball league invitation
  • Acknowledged that the Spanish Inquisition probably could've been handled better
  • Celibacy for clergy now optional, but those who remain chaste eligible for fantastic monthly prizes
  • Size of collection plates increased
  • Habits may now be tie-dyed or carry the logo of a nun's favorite sports team
  • Reconsidered belief that there's an invisible, all-powerful man in the sky who created everything

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